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Michael A. Swisher, Web Developer

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Portfolio: Work Examples and Links

  • Here are some links to some stuff you might find interesting!
  • You can also check out my Sample App with the link above.

Available for Hire! Full Time and/or Contract Work

phone: (303) 669-4118


  • SwishLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) tailored for the Legal Cannabis Industry.
  • This LIMS is active at Nordic Analytical Labs, and has successfully processed over 250,000 samples.
  • Check out the Info Sheet and Screenshots on the Home Page for information about the system.
  • If you would like credentials to log in so you can poke around, shoot me an email!

Route Manager

  • Route Manager is a Bus Fleet Management system designed for the buses at Denver International Airport.
  • This system is currently in use by ABM Shuttle at DIA.
  • The link provided is to the live installation.
  • Check out the Info Sheet on the Home Page for information about the system.


  • SwishCraft is a website describing a public Minecraft that I host. Minecraft is NOT just for kids, ya know! ;)
  • This site is pure markup and CSS with some Javascript: no database or server-side API.
    * (Full Disclosure: This site was built from a basic template that I downloaded and modified)
  • This site is intended for adults and might contain strong language... but nothing too serious!
  • If you play, feel free to join the server and check it out!


  • ChaffStaff is a concept site of mine that I'm working on.
  • This site is under construction, and is not yet completed.
  • Feel free to create an account! The account creation, login and other User Account logic is all ready to go.
  • You can also download the ChaffStaff Mobile App for Android. Look for the Android Icon in the top right corner.
  • If you think this idea has legs and want to invest or be involved, let me know!

Github Account

  • My Git Hub Account. I have several Public Apps you can download, as well as some other Private Repositories.
  • All the apps have a nice little markdown readme.

LinkedIn Profile

  • My LinkedIn profile. Check it out!

Music Samples

Click Here

  • Not really relevant, but I like to play and record music.
  • I built this using jQuery a looong time ago, and it still works great!
  • If you like any of the music, let me know!